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MINISO partners with Africa Tikkun

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Miniso introduces soft toys with a difference. In recent weeks, we have seen a sharp increase in soft toys purchases. Our new range is dynamic and create and caters for babies and kids of all age groups. Yes, that includes Adults too.

WE have a wide variety of osft toys that have the most cuddliest of feels. Soft toys are primarily made of foam these days although there are still some that are made of stuffed cotton and other material. One should take care when purchasing these type toys for children and check to ensure that they are made sturdy enough that the material is not going to come out easily and be something that a child can choke on. Some soft toys are made of a soft rubber or latex compound with nothing but air in them. Again, if they are squeaky kinds of toys one should be careful that the squeaker cannot be easily remove because children can be choked on them This also applies to toys for animals. Dogs are especially bad at chewing on these toys and getting the squeakers out and swallowing them. My dog will tear any toy apart within days and whatever is on the inside is soon strewn across the floor.

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