MINISO causes a stir at the Franchise Expo at Mall of Africa

Internationally-acclaimed Japanese lifestyle brand MINISO showcased their Brand at the Mall of Africa’s Franchise Expo on the weekend Friday, 29 June 2018. The three-day event featured other prominent brands, with the franchise departments of financial institutions being present as well. With an atmosphere of excitement, buzz and activity almost tangible, the turnout at the event was promising.

For those who are not currently familiar with the brand, MINISO is a Japanese fast-fashion designer brand with more than 2 400 Retail Stores globally. Currently, MINISO has been the most rapidly expanding retail brand in the World, opening between 80 to 100 stores Worldwide monthly on average. MINISO has always insisted on the principle of “relieving the younger generation’s shopping stress and making more consumers happy” since its establishment, with an impressive range of lifestyle products at very affording prices.

At the Roadshow. many Entrepreneurs interviewed, mentioned to Miniso representatives that they specifically attended the show, to specifically visit the MINISO stand and learn more about the brand and its Franchise opportunities.

The MINISO Geisha Mascot and the official MINISO Brand Mascot caused quite a stir as they went about the Show, attracting attention. The MINISO Brand Mascot offered free hugs to everyone around… and there’s pictures to prove it! The interaction was a great success, as people were directed to MINISO purely through great brand recognition.

MINISO’s prominent Expo Stand, with bright lighting and a perfectly merchandised range on display, made it extremely difficult to miss. The tatami-inspired design of the stand offered a total sensory experience, touch, sight, sound and smell. And, in keeping with the theme, the clinical cleanliness – reminiscent of Japanese tea rooms, brought a bit of relaxation and calm, albeit, in a retail space. In a sea of sameness, MINISO proudly outshone the competition.

The Franchise Expo at Mall of Africa was hailed a success for the MINISO brand, with active Franchise leads being generated, and greater brand awareness of this incredible lifestyle brand being achieved. We look forward to the next expo, so keep an eye on all our social media pages for more info. For more information regarding Franchise opportunities, interested parties can visit our website at, contact our Franchise Division on 011 883 2785 or email